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Read e-book online A Call to Arms (Babylon 5) PDF

By Robert Sheckley

ISBN-10: 0345431553

ISBN-13: 9780345431554

While the time involves pick out your aim, make sure you choose the appropriate one. since you will in simple terms get one shot . . .The Shadow struggle is lengthy over, and the Interstellar Alliance--presided over via former Babylon five commander John Sheridan--is approximately to have fun the 5th anniversary of peace between its united member worlds. yet a planet, annihilated by means of an unspeakable weapon appears to be like in chilling goals. And on that international there lies a terrifying promise of Armageddon. For the Drakh, as soon as servants of the bloodthirsty Shadows, are following within the footsteps in their vanquished masters--preparing to release a devastating interstellar struggle. Their first objective is Earth.This probability will draw Sheridan again to Babylon 5--and into an uneasy partnership with a stunning and lethal survivor of Shadow genocide. within the determined race to warn Earth, he needs to face an apocalyptic showdown with the last word battle machine--one in a position to killing a whole international . . .

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The heritage of Rassilon is bloody. From the frozen some distance north, past the civilized lands with their rolling hills and forests, arose a potent military of frost giants, ice devils, Hellfrost dragons, and fearsome orcs, servants the entire ice god Thrym. So begun the bad snow fall conflict and the downfall of the effective empires of man.

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The door opened again and a large, balding, round- faced man with a bristling salt-and-pepper mustache came in. Dr. Meyer was wearing a white coat, and his necktie was pulled loose. He gave an appearance of slightly vague erudition. Garibaldi hated him on sight. "Mr. Garibaldi! Sorry to keep you waiting. " "Nothing serious, I hope," Garibaldi said politely. "Just paranoid delusions. Run-of-the-mill sort of thing around here. I gave him a shot of triparafane and told him to get a good night's sleep.

Samuel Drake, please," Sheridan said. Drake's face appeared on the screen. "Yes, Mr. " "Mr. Drake, there has been a breach in security. Our communication frequency has been cracked, and Mr. " "I see," Drake said. "If I may ask, where is Mr. Garib-9 'Vonsequently," Sheridan continued, "you are not to accept any further messages unless they come in on this frequency. Lock everything else out of your system. Do not acknowledge, receive, or answer them for any reason. " "Yes, sir," Drake responded.

Dreams are a man's own business, right? " Meyer nodded. "In the ancient world, dreams were frequently considered portents, and acted on-" "I'm talking about here and now," Garibaldi interrupted . "So kindly save the historical survey for your students . This officer-I guess it's okay if you know it's an officer-has recently made a decision affecting-Christ, you've got me talking like you-this officer has recently sent an expensive piece of machinery on an unauthorized and incomprehensible mission involving a lot of people to a place he had no intention of visiting before he had the dream.

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