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Shi Xu's A Cultural Approach to Discourse PDF

By Shi Xu

ISBN-10: 0230505392

ISBN-13: 9780230505391

ISBN-10: 1403943346

ISBN-13: 9781403943347

Shi-xu opinions universalism in discourse reports by way of the cultural outcomes of its present white, western perspective and advocates a culturally pluralist technique, a thought and examine technique from an leading edge place among japanese and Western cultures. sensible study techniques are illustrated by means of examples drawn from culturally broad ranging discourses.

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How can we then construct a culturally pluralist theory of discourse? Further, once such a theory is adopted, how can we uphold the multicultural perspective and at the same time keep the dialogue between diverse theoretical discourses critical and productive? In order to find a conceptual tool for the job, I shall draw on a range of critical insights from cultural studies. These currents highlight the diversities and interconnections, power and dynamic that saturate contemporary culture, including discourse, its quintessential medium and embodiment.

Reality, be it society, culture, history, self, mind, people and things around us, thoughts and feelings inside us – the lived experience or lifeworld – is not just a neutral, independent given, ‘out there’. Rather, it involves human cultural perception, categorization, characterization, evaluation and so on. As Shweder (1990) has argued, our world is an ‘intentional’ one: it is saturated with our own concepts, interests and desires as the persons who experience it, such that the person and culture ‘interpenetrate’ each other.

During the recent political conflict in Northern Ireland, the Unionist Party says to the opposing political party Sinn Fein, ‘No guns, no government’. The statement is not only a description of a future scenario (that is, if Sinn Fein fails to disarm the IRA, then it cannot hope to share government), but can also be taken as a challenge, a threat and an ultimatum. Such implicit, socially consequential, meanings of language use Austin (1962) and Searle (1969) have called ‘speech acts’ in their speech act theory.

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A Cultural Approach to Discourse by Shi Xu

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